Friday, July 27, 2007


Was I the only person who didn't realise that if you click on the photographs in my blog then you see an enlargement of the photograph?

I'm using Picasa 2 to upload my photographs because it's so easy. You select the photo you want to blog and then you push a button saying "Blog this". But then it asks you if you want the photo "small, medium or large". I've always chosen medium, thinking that it would be a good size to show on the blog, but never noticed any difference in size between the three options. Now that I know the difference (thanks, Doug) I'll upload as 'small' and hope that the photos are easier to see.

By the way. We're in the paper! Page 13 of the Taranaki Daily News and, apparently, the article's going to be in the Sydney Morning Herald!

Fame at last

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