Friday, July 27, 2007

The other reason why we are in NP - 27 July 2007

Award winning photographer, Ann Shelton, has photographed Puke Ariki's collection of scrapbooks created by Uncle Fred. 3500 odd. Her photographs are life-sized and you can fool yourself into thinking that you can just take them off the shelves and read them. We hold about 100 of these scrapbooks at home.
Ann with us in front of her 'library to scale'. The table in front holds video screens which display a very small portion of the clippings that Uncle Fred put into his scrapbooks. Ann won a national award for this artwork.

The scrapbooks are actually novels, which he had turned upsidedown, removed every second page, and covered in wallpaper. Each scrapbook has a different theme: Taranaki, crime, the weather, humour, births and deaths, etc...
Or 'a library to ale' according to the Govett-Brewster. Uncle Fred would have loved it!

Don't worry, they'd fixed it before we'd left today.
Photos of some of the pages from some of Uncle Fred's diaries, waiting to be hanged. The diaries are part of our collection too.
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