Tuesday, July 24, 2007

24 July 2007

24 July 2007

Drippy nose and I not even camping! *grumble grumble*

First stop this morning was to “A Class Computers” to see why I can’t get this laptop to connect to the Internet. He gave me a suggestion and I tried it at lunchtime and it worked!

Second stop was to the Govett Brewster Art Gallery. We met the gallery’s assistant director, Helen Telford, and she shouted us a cup of hot chocolate as we discussed Ann Shelton and running museums/galleries.

Then we went down town. D.C.’s new shoes were slipping slightly and she wanted to check that they were okay. Kumpfs gave her a pair of inner soles and her shoes are much better now.

Went to the post office and bought a post bag $1.90 and posted my pink Kathmandu home $4.75, so that I don’t have to try to pack it again. Also bought a couple of stamps for posting postcards overseas $1.50 each.

Went to the Warehouse so that D.C. could return the boots that she’d bought yesterday and buy a couple of skivvys.

Then we went to the New World Supermarket. Bought Fortacold Throat Lozenges (Manuka Honey and Propolis – lemon & honey flavour) $4.29, Fisherman’s Friend $1.79, Vicks Vapodrops three pack $3.35, Germ-X hand sanitiser $2.35, and a box of tissues $1.69. Later I went to the chemist and bought some eucalyptus oil $5.99. Hopefully that lot will help stopping this cold getting too annoying.

Came back to the unit for lunch. Had some of the fruit that Diana Gibbons had given us (and one of the chocolates ;-) ).

This afternoon we wandered through Pukekura Park. It’s lovely there, very Victorian in some respects but with lots of mature trees – Rimu, Nikau, Cabbage Trees . We could hear Tui and fantails and saw a pair of Keruru. There were a few showers, but nothing really annoying. Videoed the man-made, push-button-to-start, waterfall. It was very relaxing.

We walked back towards the Bella Vista, but went to a nearby restaurant/take away, The Roast House. D.C. paid for the tea, a port roast takeaway - $11.00 each, and we brought it back to the motel to eat.

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