Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day trip 25 July 2007 1

This used to be one of Uncle Fred's houses (Frederick Burdett Butler - Taranaki historian) He had four or five buildings on sight. All houses except for the the church - which D.C . and I slept in once. We put two pews together and top-and-tailed.
We visited "Pratt's Sap" (what a name).
I have no idea what a 'Sap', is apart from a long jagged trench used by the English to attack a Maori Pa, while the Maori are up on the hill taking pot-shots at the Poms. Toybox, can you help? Google's just told me it's a trench in front of the front trench. Any wiser? No, me neither.
Lots of lambs there. We took more photos of them than the Sap.
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