Thursday, August 2, 2007

Auckland to Thames 31st July 2007

31 July 2007

I’m typing this up back home, in bed. Our amazing holiday is over.

Mind you, today wasn’t that exciting.

I probably turned the light out at 8.00pm last night (the light switch was by the door), and then couldn’t see the bed, so D.C. had to turn her torch on so I could find the rungs to climb into the top bunk. Then, because it was so early, no one was being quiet. I could hear each time the lift was used (our room was next to the stairwell/lift shaft – on the bed's side.) And, because the doors had such strong locking mechanisms we could hear each time someone left a room. I probably dropped off (to sleep, not the top bunk) at about 9.30pm only to be woken in the wee small hours (no idea what time) by a couple talking. Slept again only to be woken by the early birds who had to catch flights.

We had breakfast at the X-Base café. Continental breakfast of Weetbix, fruit, yoghurt, toast and honey.

Checked out of the X-Base and D.C. complained again about the blood on the duvet that she had complained about when we last stayed (in the same room).

Helped an Asian man use the lockers. The problem was he was working in some foreign language/text and I was trying to remember and explain in English. We got there though. He caught the same bus we did at 1.15pm.

It was a good trip home. Waved to Lea Rhind and Mark Christinsen as we went past CTP but they weren’t looking.

D.C. had her daypack, two trundler cases and a Kumfs bag with her coat in it, so I took the Kumfs bag to work to take home tomorrow. Turned off the computer, the printer, shut the doors and put up the “Warning! Protected by Signature Security” sign. Then I was just leaving when Barrie Russek turned up in the office. I said “Hello. Goodbye.” And left.

D.C. and I started walking home, when Diane Connors came out from the Information Centre in her car. She offered to give us a ride home, which was great.

Querie was very happy to see us. His tail was quivering in ecstasy. We gave him something to eat and he bogged in. Once I was sorting out things in the dining room and I heard this plaintive meow. I went outside and he was sitting up on his feeding station. I gave him a pat and he began eating again. He’s happy now and spent the evening on D.C.’s knee.

We went down the road and bought some bread and our usual weekly ice cream and saw the Dohertys. Then we got the mail. All our parcels from New Plymouth have arrived.

Home and tried to unpack my bags and sort everything out. My problem is now, where do I put my suitcases?

Bridgecorp was in the news. Looks like I’ll be getting between 25 and 74 cents in the dollar… probably in dribs and drabs in about six months time.

Downloaded the full 675 photos I’d taken over the ten days.

Uploaded yesterday’s blog, but will do today’s tomorrow.

We had a fantastic holiday, if slightly bemusing. We’d expected to be in the background. The Govett-Brewster show was Ann’s triumph, not ours; we didn’t deserve any of the limelight. And, while we owned the quilts at Puke Ariki, we didn’t make them. But the fuss that was made of us made this into a truly unique holiday and one we’ll never forget.

The time is 11.25pm and I’d better sign off.

This is my last blog entry for a while.

And we still believe that Mount Taranaki is a myth.

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